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Whigmaleerie: kite powered proa Here's my proa "Whigmaleerie" during a speed run at the 1987 Johnnie Walker/RYA Speed Trials in Weymouth, England. She's powered here by a massive 5-stack of 12 ft Flexifoil kites on 150' flying lines (the fifth kite is pale yellow, and can just be seen). That's an array 12 ft wide, by 32 ft high, with over 14 sq. m. area, on a boat weighing just 140 lbs.
Photo by Jonathan Winters

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Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS)

Speed Sailing Rules and Regulations and FAQ's

Everything you ever wanted to know about official WSSR sanctioned speed sailing rules and a comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Why Kites?

So, why sail with kites at all? And particularly, why use them for high speed sailing? Here's the scoop.

Kiteboat Photo Gallery

Here's a bunch of photos, both of boats I've designed/built and of kites I've flown over the years. (Yes, many photos are in black and white, do not adjust your set.)

Arnulf Refsnes'
kite launching system, with some prior art on the mechanism. Also, a link to his new website: http://www.marina.unit.no/~arnulf/prosjekt/theproject.htm

SheerSpeed Hydrofoil

My first/last hydrofoil speedboat. This Greg Ketterman/Dave Culp collaboration "flies" on a single foil, and is designed to achieve three-axis stability through Trifoiler-like surface sensors. Dubbed "One Oar in the Water" by her crew.

Big Boat SpeedSailing

Here's a collage of big boats from the 1980's; Crossbow I, Crossbow II and Slingshot. This was what it took to go really fast, before we learned from the boardsailors that "less is more."

The Case For Transport SailcraftUpdated 9 June '98 New Graphics!

Here's a brand new, profusely cross referenced paper collaboratively written by 7 kiting, sailing, and aerodynamics authors. It is expressly concerned with using very large kites to pull ocean going ships. A version was first presented before the World Aviation Congress at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles, California, on October 24, 1996. Sponsored by SAE Aeorspace and AIAA.

On KiteTugs©Updated 9 June '98 New Graphics!

This study summarizes the current status of sail assisted commercial steamships, the industry's strengths and weaknesses, and why it isn't widespread today. Ways in which free flying kites used in place of conventional sail may ameliorate some of these negatives, while incurring new problems, is examined. The specific advantages and limitations of crewed and self-sufficient KiteTugs, a new class of lighter than air sailing vessel/sail assist device are investigated. A detailed breakdown of potential KiteTug cash flows and cost-effectiveness is included.

Sailtech '89

Kitesailing Progress

This is an article I co-wrote with Billy Roeseler, now of Kiteski®, and delivered at the Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Sailing Technology (formerly titled "The Ancient Interface"), Sponsored by The American Institute of Aeronautics andAstronautics, (AIAA), San Francisco Section, and the Socient of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, (SNAME), Northern California Section, Volume 35. We presented it at Stanford University on October 14-15, 1989.

The Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS)

The AYRS is dedicated to encouraging and disseminating research and development on any subject pertaining to nautical science. It is an International, not-for-profit organization and publishes quarterly newsletters, in addition to 2-4 annual booklet-length publications (122 of them, to date). Formed in England in 1955.

Comprehensive Index of AYRS past publications, #1 (1955) to #120 (1996). You can perform a simple or Boolian keyword search of this index.

Official AYRS home page. Includes information on joining the Society, and a list of all publications, price list and ordering information.

Sample AYRS Newsletters now online!

February, 1997 AYRS Newslettrer

May, 1997 AYRS Newsletter

Photo gallery. A series of "Those Wonderful Men and Their Flying (Sailing) Machines." From the AYRS Speedweeks, 1995 and 1996. Go here.

Kitesailing International Newsletter

For about 8 months, back in 1988/89, I published a kitesailing newsletter. Here are the texts of all articles, plus all photos. I've left out the ads (sorry, sponsors!), and come-ons for subscription. I have no plans to ressurect this newsletter (again, sorry)

Kitesailing International, October, 1988. Covered:

Kitesailing International, December, 1988. Covered:

Kitesailing International, February, 1989. Covered:

Kitesailing International, Summer, 1989. Covered:

What Do I Do in My Spare Time?

Here's a link to my Real Estate brokerage page. I sell homes in Contra Costa County, about 30 miles East of San Francisco, California. If you know anyone relocating (anywhere in the United States), please send them here. Thanks!

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