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Amateur Yacht Research Society, February 1997 Newsletter

AYRS Games and Competitions Department

Tony Kitson, 24 Constance Rd, Twickenham, Middx, TW2 7HY, UK

Responses to the proposals for a design competition for a single-handed trans-atlantic craft have so far failed to materialise. If this event is going to happen, we need people to express their interest in participation and people to step forward with offers to help with the organisation.

Over the years, in the pages of the publications and Newsletters, and in conversations at the London Meetings and the London Boat Show Stand, many good ideas for AYRS activities, in addition to our publications, have been made. Very few of these get translated into action. The reasons are simple, the committee is small and its members are fully committed with the organisation of publications, the London Meetings, the Boat Show Stand and the Weymouth Speed Week, not to mention the work involved, largely by Michael Ellison, in servicing members enquiries on a wide variety of topics.

We need more help if we are going to run these additional events. These things usually happen because one or two dedicated individuals decide to make them happen (see the article on AYRS Summer Meetings). The ones that do not happen do not do so because everyone is waiting for someone else to organise them. You may not think that you are the best person to organise something, but if you are the only person you are the best. We need more people on the committee to help with expanding our activities, but if you are reluctant to join the committee there is no reason why you should not help ex-committee.

The offer of use of the Flume at Liverpool University has only brought in two responses so far. Adrian Millward needs ideas by the end of February in order for his students to work them up into fully developed project plans for the next academic year. Please send your proposals in to me and I will forward them to Adrian. Remember that you must be able to provide suitable model(s) for testing. And, if it is too late for you to work up a proposal for this year, remember it is not too early to be thinking about next year! Better still, start working on your project for next year. Trust me, it will come around all too quickly.

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A final contribution from the internet, prompted by the announcement that a Conservative government will replace the Royal Yacht;

The Royal Yacht

From: Parkes, Bill

With the British Government about to retire the Royal Yacht Brittania, perhaps we should propose a Bolger design to replace this aging pleasure craft. Has anyone discussed this with PCB?

Clearly the British Government will be very cost sensitive about this project, so what better designer than PCB to provide a proposal? Sheet plywood would certainly be a cost effective material although he has produced steel designs.

Does anyone have any appropriate suggestions from PCB's existing designs?

From: Chris Crandall

Actually, I'll bet they'd prefer cold-molded.

But frankly, you'd be surprised at how damn big Britannia is. And the headroom is to die for.

Bolger wouldn't take the commission, I bet, because it would piss him off.

I saw a TV special on the royal yacht--it's a damn cruise liner, with a Navy crew.

M. Wagenbach

Sir Joseph Banks, with the hold converted to staterooms, salons and a bigger galley would be a yacht of royal scale at a relatively economical price (half a million pounds?). Whether the (lack of) style would suit the public is a question I'll leave to the British members of the list.

John C. Harris

Bolger would probably suggest a fleet of Cartoppers.

Charles Andrews

I think they should just reproduce the turn-of-the-century gaff sloop *Brittania* so beautifully captured on film by Beken of Cowes, in the book annotated by Uffa Fox. What a vessel!! I mean, this is the royal yacht. Has to be done right, right?

Patrick Crockett

I don't know about cruise liner -- it could be used as such I expect, but I gathered that only the crew cruise on it. The royal family and guests just join the yacht when it reaches the next port.

Craig O'Donnell

I suggest four or five sets of "His and Hers Schooners".

Samson family

Britannia was in Dundee 2 years ago. From a distance, she looks like a small cruise liner. Close-up, she is mind boggling!

The finish is the kind of stuff you'd expect to see in a car showroom, rather than a ship. You can see your face in the topsides paintwork! The detailing is unbelievable - crowns on the mast trucks, decorated with gold leaf - the white ensign seems to be made of velvet, with gold fringes.

Regardless of whether or not you are a monarchist, you've GOT to be impressed by this unique and canonically elegant yacht.

The only thing that bothers me - WHY do they want to scrap it and get a new one? Proposed designs that I've seen are either the sort of thing you'd expect a beringed Mafioso or Bond-villain to cruise around in, or backward-looking tall-ship pastiche (with all due respect to Colin Mudie's skills). I suspect that the current Britannia is the pinnacle of Royal Yacht design - from an era when being Royal meant something akin to deity

Nigel Cameron

Not wanting to be precious about the Royals, I am sitting on the fence & like the ideas put forward by Bolger list members (funnily enough I suggested these same possibilities to my wife Viv only this weekend, although not the specific Bolger designs):

i. a PCB designed replacement (given his predicted reluctance to produce a new design for this purpose eg. the existing His & Hers Schooners, Fleet of cartoppers, Sir Joseph Banks)

ii. Most sensible & practical - Bill Samson pointed out why get rid of the present, pristine ship?

iii. & of course THE (J-Class) Britannia - built again. (It was rumoured that QEII (the woman not the liner) wants to scuttle the present ship in the same manner as the old Britannia).

As a British person on this friendly list I dont want to express any too serious opinion on what has become a very odd political headline here over the last few days. However, I have a minds eye picture of the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dr. Gordon Brown caricaturing the pragmatic & thrifty Scotsman in his audience with HM the Queen. Sorry your majesty but we cant afford the 60 million quid. More important things to do with the money. Besides you can easily afford to pay for it yourself. To be a fly on the wall. (With apologies to Bill Samson in Dundee, but with a name like Cameron I hope that the stereotype is at my expense).

This is what the internet has to say on the topic, how about you?

My personal view is that the announcement would be an ideal opportunity to explore the possibilities of the Chuck Bixel ground effect craft (see New England Newsletter circulated with the December AYRS Newsletter). The £60,000,000 mentioned in recent press reports should go a long way to establishing the feasibility of his designs and would result in a Royal Yacht to delight our forward looking President. I am sure that AYRS members would be pleased to help with the project. <editor>

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It would help a lot if articles were also submitted on 3.5 inch IBM/DOS-compatible floppy disk, in one of the following formats: DOS/ASCII text, Microsoft RTF (Rich Text Format), Microsoft Word/Word for Windows, Word Perfect 5.0/5.1, Windows Write. We hope to accept Adobe Acrobat some time in the future. Diagrams/photos should NOT be embedded, but sent as separate files, using Microsoft Draw V1.0, Micrographx Draw/Designer v3.x, Corel Draw v4, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PIC, PCX, AutoCAD, or Draw Perfect. Charts from Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 are also acceptable.

E-mail submissions over the Internet should be sent either as ASCII text, or in one of the above formats using UUEncode. Please note CompuServe will not handle messages of more than 48K bytes each.

E-mail should be sent to Simon Fishwick at Messages should have the word 'AYRS' at the beginning of the subject line.

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Events of Note

(Please Note: This Newsletter was published in February, 1997. Announcements, Dates and Times herein are appropriate to that time-frame, and may be completely inaccurate as of the time you are readingthis--Ed.)

4th February 1997 AYRS Meeting - LCSC Hammersmith - Computational Fluid Dynamics
4th March 1997 AYRS Annual General Meeting - 20.00hrs LCSC Hammersmith - followed by a discussion on members projects, and the future direction of AYRS
1st April 1997 AYRS Meeting - 20.00hrs LCSC Hammersmith - Designing by Computer
Saturday 5th April 1997 First AYRS Summer Meeting - 10am to 4pm. - Bray Lake Watersports Centre - For diretions to Bray Lake and more information please ring Slade Penoyre on 01276 472 208, daytime or evenings before 9pm.
6th May 1997 (provisional) AYRS Meeting - 20.00hrs LCSC Hammersmith - Subject to be advised
Saturday 27th Sept - Friday 3rd October 1997 Weymouth Speed Week '97 - the Weymouth Sailing Centre, Details can be obtained from :- Bob Downhill at 40 Collingwood Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6HW (Telephone 01323 644 879)

Suggestions for subjects and/or lecturers for AYRS Meetings are always welcome.

LCSC = London Corinthian Sailing Club, Linden House, Upper Mall, London W6.
Good bar& excellent meals - please support both AYRS and the host club.

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