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Amateur Yacht Research Society, February 1997 Newsletter

London International Boat Show 1997

Tony Kitson, 24 Constance Rd, Twickenham, Middx, TW2 7HY, UK

I did not have time this year to visit the Boat Show, and this contribution is based upon various brochures collected and delivered to me by Ian Hannay. I hope that these reflect the spirit of the show. If not, then someone who did attend the show can write the corrections to be published in the next Newsletter!


This derivative of the World Sailing Speed record breaker 'Longshot' is now available in UK. Designed by Greg and Dan Ketterman and produced by the Hobie Cat Company, Trifoiler embodies the bi-plane sails and self-adjusting L foils of Russel Long's record breaking machine in an off-the-shelf product. It is available from John Lindley of Hobie Cat Sports UK (see article by Slade Penoyre).

Trifoiler Dimensions:

Length 22', Beam, 19', Sail Area 215 sq ft, Displacement 280 lbs, Mast Length 18', Main Hull Length 16' 3", Draft (Foils up) 5", Draft (Foils down) 28", Beam (on trailer) 44".

I can't wait to see the first one at Weymouth.

Hippo Polyglas

Hippo Marine Products were showing Hippo Polyglas which they claim to be a 'genuine replacement for GRP'.  

Polyglas is a polyester elastomer (polyurea-urethane hybrid). It is claimed to be 30% lighter than GRP by volume, and to possess three times the integral tensile strength. It is sprayed into/onto a mould and solidifies in less than one minute and may be removed from the mould within 30 minutes.

It is currently in use in the American 'Nascar' racing cars and in canoes by a major American manufacturer.

Michael Ellison reports that it burns with toxic fumes but that a fire retardent agent can be added. The product can be formulated for either a flexible or rigid finish, as required. He notes that the samples seen had a very smooth finish comprable with GRP mouldings.

Hippo Marine Products, Churchill Industrial Estate, Marlborough Road, Lancing, W Sussex, BN15 8UF.

'Liberdade' Project

David Sinnett-Jones is seeking sponsors to assist in his project to build a modern version of 'Liberdade', Joshua Slocum's voyaging, sailing canoe (see AYRS 121). David's objective is to sail Liberdade to Boston in time for the centennial celebrations for Slocum's return to Boston in the, more famous (and more copied) Spray.

The plans are for a version of Liberdade using modern materials to create a fast and light vessel. If he succeeds he will clearly stand out from the multitude of Sprays which will be filling the harbour.

David lost the sight in one eye resulting from an accident in 1968, and since then has gained considerable experience as a disabled sailor. He built a steel version of Spray in which he completed a three year circumnavigation via Cape Horn, the first disabled sailor to do so. He also successfully completed the 1992 solo transatlantic race from Plymouth to Newport.

If you can help David his address is 'Maglona', 11 Albert St, Aberaeron, Dyfed, SA46 0DQ.

Piggyback Tender

International Marine Designs were exhibiting a tender designed for easy carriage on deck. The fore section of the dinghy has a removable section which allows it to be stowed on deck around the mast.

International Marine Designs, Abergroes, Abertafol, Aberdyfi, Gwynedd, LL35 0RE, Wales.

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AYRS Stand: London International Boat Show 1997

Tony Kitson, 24 Constance Rd, Twickenham, Middx, TW2 7HY, UK

Again, I was not there, but this is what I heard;

As well as the usual 'publications and paraphernalia' the stand carried stocks of the newly completed 'AYRS Index'. Our thanks are extended to Dr Fiona Sinclair for the sterling efforts which she has put into completing this marathon task. The index, of publications from 1-120, is now available both in computer disc form and on the internet. We hope that availability to the many thousands of internet users will stimulate interest in purchase of our older publications.

Weymouth Speed Week '97 was announced to the world. For those of you who do not already know, the event will be held starting Saturday 27th September to Friday 3rd October at the Weymouth Sailing Centre. As usual Bob Downhill will be organising and details can be obtained from Bob at 40 Collingwood Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6HW (Telephone 01323 644 879). It is always helpful to Bob to know, as far in advance as possible, who is planning to come. If you do not have a boat, or if you have one but do not know whether to attend, call Bob. He will persuade you, for sure. It worked for me. Take Bob's advice and have some fun.

Slade Penoyre provided some information on his 'sitting out in comfort' device which he calls the Ayrslide. Slade has developed this on his Catapult. He describes it as a camp bed or pipe cot hung out like the sliding seat on International Canoes. It should allow those with disabilities or with advancing years (I qualify on both counts, Slade!) to experience the exhiliaration of sailing high performance cats.

Visitors to the stand:

Member Pat Arnold visited the stand asked about the angle of the face of a wave just before it breaks, in order to design the most efficient bow rake angle. Ian Hannay suggests that, allowing for the slope on the back of the previous wave, about 150 would be right. Comment from Su Lewis 'It does not matter what shape boats are, otherwise they would not all be different'.

Ian Nicholson (author and surveyor) had built a canoe but found it too heavy to lift onto his roof rack. He has now built a canoe in three sections with watertight bulkheads.

Derek Kelsall talked about his recently invented method of construction designed to produce easily home-built multihulls. Derek is modifying a number of his previous designs to this method, and is developing the technology for monohulls. The technique was described in an earlier AYRS London Meeting and I am hoping to persuade Derek to write about it for a future AYRS publication on Hull Design and Construction.

Doug Carrick is interested in sailing for the elderly and/or disabled. I am also hoping to persuade him to write something for a future publication. David says that John Morwood's advice to abandon his outboard motor has done wonders for his health. If anyone has anything to contribute please let me know, it is a very worthy subject. Slade Penoyre is also interested in this topic and if there is enough interest from members we will make a publication out of it.

1997 Summer Meetings, Bray Lake, Maidenhead, Berks

(Please Note: This Newsletter was published in February, 1997. Announcements, Dates and Times herein are appropriate to that time-frame, and may be completely inaccurate as of the time you are readingthis--Ed.)

Slade Penoyre, Little Pond, Kennel Lane, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6AA, UK

It is hoped to hold informal AYRS meetings this summer at Bray Lake Watersports Centre (about 2 miles from M4 Junction 8/9) every fine Saturday starting on April 5th, 10am to 4pm. Projects being developed and tested during these meetings should include Torix Bennett's speed sailing tri-scaph, Slade Penoyre's Ayrslide sitting-out device and Ayrsright righting system, Tony Kitson's sailing canoe, Graeme Ward's dinghy, Roger Glencross' paraglider/hapa. Any other projects would be welcome, model or full size, concept or finished boat, and of course if members without their own projects want to come along to talk, advise or (better still) actually help, we shall be delighted to see them.

Bray Lake is a former gravel pit about 1km square. The Watersports Centre has excellent facilities - easy launching ramps, good rescue boats, civilised changing rooms, friendly staff and club members, food and soft drinks available. It is operated by John Lindley of Hobie Cat Sports UK, who import all the Hobie cats including the new TF 22 trifoiler (a production version of Longshot) which was on their stand at Earls Court. This craft may be sailing at Bray during some of our meetings, though because the lake is a bit small for a 30 knot boat we understand it will normally be based at Hobie Cats' Poole site

For directions to Bray Lake and more information about these summer AYRS meetings please ring Slade Penoyre on 01276 472 208, daytime or evenings before 9pm.

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